The Roller Coaster Of Balance

You know those days where you wake up feeling you are on top of the world, and then you let that silly thing get in the way…AGAIN?

Oh you know, what I am talkin’ about! When a repeat pattern strikes again, and you let it get under your skin.  You may feel debilitated by this habit, but can’t seem to shake it?! If you tweaked how you were to react, your world would be so much easier, but the idea of changing it seems nearly impossible.

To honour myself…or keep doing the thing that is easy…

It can be easy to lose ourselves in habits/patterns! My greatest contrast has been the battle with my self worth (the ego), and not putting myself first. The greatest lesson I am learning, is that, I have to be number one to be great in all other aspects of my life! Now that I am an entrepreneur this has never been so clear!

In relationships we can get kind of obsessed or dependent, and set our purpose aside….We tend to get real comfortable in cuddle time, watching T.V, and munching out. This can lead to a downward spiral of laziness, and less drive. It can also add up to a bunch of resentment, and getting mad at ourselves for packing on the pounds. I could give a rats a$$ about whats on T.V!  After watching too much of it I generally find myself feeling insecure! Then I feel straight up angry with myself that I didn’t get anything done!

I realized this attachment holds me back from achieving my goals!

I want to be successful, and be of service to this planet! I am of service to no one, sitting on the couch comparing myself to celebrities, and filling my mind with drama! I could be having the most productive day, until I watch T.V, and then boom the life gets sucked right out of me. All I wanted was quality time with my man!?!

How can I find balance between self love, getting stuff done, and quality time with my guy?

I started working on my mind, and submerged myself in Personal Development. I began to clean up my speech, and started being more gentle with myself! I do daily meditation, which has helped in all aspects of my life! I like to run, walk, play sports, do HIIT videos, and practice yoga. Exercise keeps me motivated to eat well, sleep better at night, and makes me much more pleasant to be around! These are my secret weapons. Making time for these things daily, launches me toward my dream life, and helps me stay focused!  I now have my own biz in Personal Development, which is an absolute dream! Being an entrepreneur has really opened my eyes, as to where I can still grow.

Time with my girlfriends is crucial! Once a week we walk in High Park for 2-3hours. It is my weekly reset, and when I miss it I feel something is off for the rest of the week. After being with my girls, I feel absolutely unstoppable! My purpose is never so clear! I feel the exact same way when I get off the phone with my family! Supercharged with love!

To find balance with my man…A couple nights a week we will cook dinner listening to music, eat at the table together, and have a real conversation. We now spend more time listening to music on our porch, or in our yard, and he even agreed to letting me teach him some couples yoga. We set goals now, and talk about our future together! I have limited my T.V time, and go do my own thing much more often. I am now accomplishing great things, and as a bonus…My man is much more attentive now that he has the space he needs to just chill. Quality time has given me a new confidence in our relationship, and as an individual.

I know now that I am the only one that getting in the way of my dream life!

I will leave you with these two questions that have really helped me turn potential negatives to positives.

How do I want to feel?

Is this going to keep me from achieving my goals, or push me towards them?

Thank you so much for your time. Please comment below if you resonate with any of this, and feel free to share your tricks to living a more fulfilled life.


Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick


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