I Let Go

I let go of my insecurities.

I watch them disappear.

I am strong.

I am smart.

I am passionate.

Yet I am clouded by fear.

I know my mission is greater.

What I have to offer is stronger.

How do I let it shine through?

I realized forgiveness was the key.

I forgave the ones who broke my heart.

The ones who caused me pain.

I knew wasn’t done yet.

I was the guilty just the same.

I forgave myself for the strain I had caused,

On my heart & my sweet soul.

In this moment I am grateful for my path.

Now I can strive for my goal.

My purpose is bright.

I can create anything!

So I let go!

I let go.

I let go.

Love within, love around. XO -ENB


Without this career I have chosen in the Personal Development Industry, I would be lost. I would have never thought it possible that my past feelings of rejection, could effect my focus on my business. I could never have pinpointed where my feelings of insecurity had come from, or how to nip them in the butt. These awakenings have truly helped me realize who I am showing up as for myself, and in all of my relationships…I have been the crowd pleaser! I have done backbends to make others happy. I have catered to boyfriends needs so they would love me. Not realizing I was being suffocating. I have gone against my intuition doing drugs & alcohol so I could fit in.

But! Personal Development has helped me dig to the root of problems. Issues that have festered for years, all based around my insecurities. The biggest awakening was when I became a full time entrepreneur this summer! I began to realize where my fears have come from, and how they hold me back from achieving my goals.

The dots have started to connect!

Recently I have been able to step outside of situations and look at them for what they are. I take charge by asking:

“How do I want to feel?”

“Who do I want to be?”

I have started to forgive myself for the moments when I wasn’t strong enough yet to do that. Those moments I when I was reactive instead of proactive. Stepping outside of myself, and forming better questions. Which has given me space to have better reactions, and to communicate how I am much feeling better. (Still a work in progress!)

In our PD program a question came up: “Am I avoiding pain/ the unknown?”

YES! In so many situations I realized how I conformed to what other people were doing to get attention…To FEEL momentary love, or to not FEEL pain/rejection. Which always leads to pain! I realized the unknown for me is going against the grain! Stepping outside of my comfort zone! In order to release myself from the death grip of conformity I had to forgive, and especially forgive myself! I know that I am the creator of my reality, and the decisions I have made are mine! No one else’s!

When I make decisions based on my intuition they always turn out great! There is a lot of warmth in knowing that!

We need to realize we deserve the best, most abundant life imaginable! If we let go of old garbage thoughts, and behaviours, we give ourselves the space to create the reality we truly desire! We need to trust in our intuition! It is always spot on!

The only thing we can control in this life is ourselves. So go easy on yourself, and forgive yourself for those times you were harsh.

Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick

Feel free to check out my story & Learn more about my home biz: http://www.prosperityvoyager.com

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YouTube Channel: Mz.Bick

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Instagram: @mzbick


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