Comfort In Discomfort

I can tell ya first hand, it is a heck of a lot easier to stay the same, then to strap on your big girl panties and take charge of  your life!

I have come to realization, after realization lately! I can truly say I feel myself falling into alignment. I am happier everyday. I know what it is that I want, and I am chipping away at it. I am gaining brilliant momentum! This is something all of the big guys in the Personal Development world talk about. Momentum!

Recently I have been able to become the observer of my “obstacles”(now I call them opportunities). A friend of mine told me this again and again. “Erin all you have to do, is step outside of the situation, and become the observer…Look at both sides.” She said if I could do that, then by the time I had taken a look from both angles the problem would dissolve, or I would see it in a more positive light. This was more annoying than anything at that time. (Silly me.) The observer concept has kept coming up in my life since then, and I have had great results putting it into action.

How can one become comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations

Two years ago I went to Guatemala, and had a channelling session with one of the great teachers at Las Pyramides Del Ka. She told me if I wanted to have the best life possible I needed to meditate every day for 30 minutes (minimum), do yoga, and exert a massive amount of energy. She said with all of the energy I have, I need to let some go, or I will become static. She was definitely onto something!

My body:

I can’t remember a time I didn’t have insecurities about my body. This lead to a lot of destructive thinking. (Negative self talk, jealousy, you name it.) So this seemed like the easiest place to start.  For the past two years I have been great with exercise, but not so much yoga or meditation. Over the past few months, since becoming an entrepreneur, I have made time in my day to achieve all of these things. Some days it is really uncomfortable to get my butt out of bed and pump out my exercise, or sit there in silence meditating without getting itchy, or thinking of my to do list. Finding time for yoga, pushing myself through that last push up, or those last moments of silence is worth it. I have achieved a body that I feel comfortable in! I feel flexible, agile, strong, and…SEXY?!? Mind my french…but holy shit! I never in my life imagined this day would come. All I had to do was believe I could do it, and push past the uncomfortable stuff.

My mind

Jim Rohn says “Work harder on yourself then you do on your job.” In my case, my business. The more I take care of myself the easier it is to become an entrepreneur. Being at home full time has forced me to look my contrasts in the eye, and do something about them! It is pretty darn easy to procrastinate and go get a cup of tea, or a snack every five minutes when you are at home all day. I have been a binge eater since I started smoking pot back when I was fifteen. Food has been a real comfortable nesting place for me, so it makes sense that I would turn to food when feeling lost, or when I felt crazy for taking on this new endeavour. Now I realize where else I squeeze in food/drugs. (See my other article Roller Coaster Of Balance) When things get tough I tend to smoke some weed or eat to the point of discomfort. Well not anymore! When I reach for food in moments when I feel uncomfortable in my situation, I ask myself “What am I avoiding?” There is always a bit of confrontation in myself when I ask this, because like any human I reach for excuses. When I feel jealousy coming up I ask: “How do you want to feel?”, “Who do you want to be?” Still I am not perfect at this, but I feel myself becoming much more comfortable in these uncomfortable moments. Personal Development mixed with meditation has really helped me find clarity!

My lifestyle/Circle of influence

This maybe the hardest one for me. Drugs and alcohol have been a big part of my life since I was fifteen. Even now at thirty there is always something to celebrate, and always someone there offering liquid confidence, or other substances… If I don’t partake people ask what is wrong… I have had huge fear about losing my friends or becoming a wet blanket as a girlfriend. Tapping into my worth I realize that I can have even more fun when I am not wasted! This is a new realization for me. I have been playing with it a bit. I will only have a couple drinks, or even just hang onto a drink. This way people are off my back and I can dance until my feet fall off, instead of stumbling around spilling all over myself. I feel more witty, and I am in charge of my emotions at social gatherings now. After a summer of weddings and celebrations I can see where things take a turn for the worst when I am not tuned into how I feel. When living in a haze, becoming the observer is not done so gracefully. I now know my limits, and see clearly what I need to change in my life. A work in progress, but certainly WORTH WHILE!

Finding comfort in discomfort has been life changing!

I am at the point of no return! Now that I have had a taste of feeling like my true self… Of actually being happy… It is 100% worth it to give up the things that no longer serve me. I am bit by bit making changes to become the best version of me, and being gentle with myself along the way is key! Taking care of ourselves is the first step to having the life we desire! Feeling good has become my new drug! Discomfort in change is nothing compared to the agonizing discomfort in staying the exact same.

Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick

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5 thoughts on “Comfort In Discomfort

      1. Tyler Walker says:

        Thank you very much! I really enjoy your writing style as well! Unfortunately my path of least resistance is pretty fucking resistant and full of self doubting self sabotaging thoughts and actions, im working on bettering myself so i can be ok with who and where i am…. its not easy, but a work in progress 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. mzbick says:

        That is why we write my friend. Let that shit out! Every article you write, every conversation you have leads you down the path and takes you one step closer to becoming the person you want to be! I get ya and I understand. My journey is quite similar. I think we will always take a step forward and then tread water for a bit. It is all part of the lesson and the proof of how bad you want the change! The little tests in life. I do think it is all about allowing the change to take place though. I think the self doubt stuff fogs the mind of deserving. We deserve to be happy. We are worth while, and we are teachers. WE ALL ARE! So Speak up! Tell your story! Every dirty gritty detail. People will resonate, and that gives us an opportunity to learn something more. 🙂 Keep on moving forward.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Tyler Walker says:

        That is very true. Self doubt does fog and mislead. I’m on the cusp of several life realizations that I am getting a little closer to each day. It’s a process and requires dedication.

        Liked by 1 person

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