Taking Action

When you get an idea that tickles your soul, the universe has gifted that to you!

Do with it what you will, but if you don’t… The universe will give it someone else in our collective conciousness.

Thank goodness I scooped mine up, and got off my ass. Talk about worth while! Today I stepped outside my comfort zone, and took a risk on me! Over the summer I wrote a curriculum for Hairstylist that I believe has the potential to change the Beauty Industry. The plan is to empower stylists. To coach them into feeling the best they possibly can, and spread that knowledge and love to their guests.

I believe that attracting the clientele you really want begins inside yourself. I mean this works for absolutely any industry. I have a solid background in Hair, so that’s why I went there, but eventually I would love to teach these principals to all walks of life.

My goal is to simply encourage the stylists to create a relationship with there guests that they would not get anywhere else. All the stylist needs to do is consider concepts that some of histories most successful humans have followed for centuries.

For me taking this leap of faith was really satisfying. I think if we could feel one thing every single day that would make us feel so wonderful and delicious inside… It would be satisfaction.

Speaking from the heart about what I believe in was huge. Actually life changing. Proving to myself that I am capable of being an influence to people, felt really great.

We all have the power within ourselves to be an influence on others. Once we do a little soul searching, and we find the path that lights up for us, life becomes magical.

What lights you up? What makes you feel like you could burst at the seems with excitement?

Tap into that. Tune into that. Share that excitement, that passion with anyone who seems willing to listen. We feed off of each others beautiful energy. Sometimes others need to borrow your belief to believe in themselves. So share your belief. Tell them what you see in them that you admire. Share with them how you got to that place of self knowing.

This life we are living is all about sharing consciousness. WAKE UP! Don’t walk through life like a zombie. Snap out of our cultures structure and push for what you believe in! Causes that contribute to the great human experience. Spread love and joy everywhere you go. Take time to smile at people, open doors, have conversations with strangers.

Just step outside of your comfort zone for a moment and feel how thrilling it is. These beautiful ideas come to you for a reason! You are meant to execute them!  Let that excitement drive you towards your dreams, and take action! Hit the ground running as fast as you can, once you get into that flow… You will be unstoppable!


Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick


Learn more about my home biz & How you can change your life for good: http://www.prosperityvoyager.com

Facebook: Erin Nicole Bick

YouTube Channel: Mz.Bick

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Instagram: @mzbick


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