Tapping Into Source

I heard something from a guy named Pete Scott yesterday that really got me thinking!

He was talking about tapping into the uniqueness of every moment.

I maybe butchering what he said…but this is what I got from it. That the creative, and curious, look at things in different ways. They appreciate simple things. They indulge in smells, environments, sounds, feelings…etc!

I listen to a lot of Ester Hicks…and this is how she describes tapping into Source Energy. You may call it God, Buddha, Mother Nature, The Universe, Infinite Love… Whatever you call it, it all equates to the same thing. LOVE! Inner love, and peace with ones self. That true, and beautiful connectedness.

So how do you tune in? How do you tap into source energy?

Well after a couple years worth of digging… Listening to the teachings of Ester Hicks, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Chalene Johnson, and many more… Plus the PD course I have been studying… I realized it all starts with appreciation! Gratitude! Recognition! Counting our wins! Reminiscing where we have come from, and who we are today! Learning from tough lessons… Finding appreciation in every moment. Being curious about what lead to this/that. Being grateful for how proactive we were… Being grateful that we kept our cool a bit more then the time before!

When we give ourselves the space to connect to each moment, we give ourselves the opportunity to grow! We become more proactive, instead of reactive.

I certainly am no angel… I catch myself reacting more often then I would like. BUT the big win here, is that I am gaining more control over my emotions. I am observing my behaviour. I am taking the space I need to cool down, and think. I recognize playing the victim is the easy way out, and no longer serves my future self. Playing a bigger game, and feeling a bit uncomfortable is worth it!

I have been spending more of my free time in nature. As some of you may have read in other articles, my girlfriends have a weekly walking group called:  The Death Fighters Walking Club. This is something I look forward to now more then a weekend of drinking, and partying! I crave the outdoor time… but I also crave the powerful brainstorms we have. We bounce things off of each other! We manifest, we create, we leave feeling smarter!

Because I work from home, I also make a point no matter what the weather to get outside everyday, and go for a walk! I find the more I tune into nature the better I feel. I like to make eye contact with people, squirrels, even birds. I touch plants as I pass, and notice the clouds dancing through the sky.

Nature is always connected to “Source Energy”! Always!

If you give yourself even just the smallest amount of time to appreciate the beauty of nature around you… (No matter what season!) YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE! Connecting with nature is our reset button! There certainly is uniqueness in every moment! Every smile we give to this beautiful Universe is part of the ripple effect that has the power, and energy to create worlds! Our love is the solution to the greater picture!

So the moral of the story is to find gratitude, and uniqueness in every moment! Tune in! Touch nature! Feel your emotions! Be present!

What better thing to start practicing on your family, and friends over the holidays. Also,  a damn good practice to carry into the New Year! Let’s heal this world together!


Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick


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