It Certainly Is A New Year

I have never in my life felt so happy, and so very grateful in my entire life!

Last night we hosted New Years. I was pretty resistant initially. We host a lot. I am also heavy into my biz right now, and thinking of putting together a party… Spending money on a beautiful spread of food… ICK! I was NOT feeling it. I get soo worked up and anxious, before, during, and after parties… I was missing the point! To have FUN! I haven’t wanted to host!

Then I said what the heck… Let’s just host it… But I am NOT doing anything! I am not making food, and I am not running around taking care of people. I am going to let these grown adults get their own drinks. I am going to believe that they can put their own chips in a bowl.

Guess what? My grown ass friends are fully capable and then some of getting a glass from the cupboard, and putting out the snacks they brought by themselves! To that I say “Fuck yeah!”

My beautiful friends have been to our home enough… They know where everything is!

Last night I had fun! WHY? Because I LET GO!!!!!! Because I released myself from playing mother hen! I let shit spill on the floor… I let people figure it out… They found towels to clean things up! Because I let go, and I trust that my friends were fully capable beings… They,  in return,  love us soo much that they don’t let a pool of beer lay on our carpet.

I actually got to talk to people last night! I had real conversations with my beautiful friends… I felt engaged! I was tapped in! I was feeling the energy in our wonderful home and slurping it all up! Instead of running around getting people drinks… Instead of disengaging in conversation to clean up messes! Man it felt good!

I LET GO!!! I just fucking let go!

This is the first blog I haven’t written uncensored. I don’t swear a lot anymore. I find more creative more positive ways to use my words. BUT sometimes you gotta lay a point down… Sometimes… I am going to swear to really hammer that point home.

This year is about me! This year is not about getting likes on FB, or my blog… Or getting hearts on Insta. Even though I appreciate the love big time. I am not doing any of this for anyone but me! In return, as I connect with me… I bring more to you! I become more fluid in my words. I let go of old shit, and make space for the new! I did exactly that with my friends last night! I brought better conversation, and a far better attitude! I had the time of my life!

We are hear to inspire each other! We are here on this earth to shine as bright as we possibly can so we can heal one another! This ME game isn’t something to be ashamed of my sweet friends! Taking care of yourself and being selfish is OK! Allow yourself the space to just be you! Exactly who you are right now in this very moment! Not the person you plan to be when you lose the weight, get the money, get the girl… You could not gift the world a better gift!

When we see ourselves as perfect just as we are right now, we give ourselves space to be playful and have fun with life! This is how we change the world!

Shine on my beautiful friends! Thank you for liking, sharing, and #hashtagging my videos, articles…And what have you. I appreciate you all for allowing me the space to be me! Right here right now I give you permission to BE YOURSELF this New Year! May 2016 be the year of you!!!!


Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick


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