Light That Fire

Have you ever put a piece of yourself on hold? You know… a part of you that stands out, or at one time really fulfilled you?


For me that has been art. I guess having a creative career for years could have been something that contributed to my lack of motivation. Long hours, feeling lifeless after working with people all day…


The question is: How is one effected when they lose touch with something that stimulates them to their core?


Tonight I had a few revelations while I was painting, and listening to Personal Development audios.


After I blew the dust off of my oil paints, and started to really get into it… The audio I was listening to started to sound like it was coming from me. I felt like I already knew what they were saying. I had the information already inside of me.


It seemed all at once, my painting that wasn’t looking so great, was starting to really come together. At that moment the words from the audio were singing so clearly. I was “Tapped in, tuned in, and turned on” – as my hero Ester Hicks would say.


I was actually listening to a woman Gabrielle Bernstein. A brilliant spiritual teacher. If you don’t know who she is, and you care about raising our global vibration…CHECK HER OUT!


Gabrielle was speaking at an event, and started to talk about this vision she had for the world. She said she imagined this sea of people tossing their arms up in joy… Like at a graduation, with lights shining down on everyone. She talked about oneness, people really uniting, and coming together! It lead her to a sense of really knowing her purpose. She wasn’t doing all of this for the money, or to get more likes on social media. She had become a speaker… Laid her heart out for people, become so open, and vulnerable. This wasn’t for her! It was for the masses. She realized her soul purpose is to wake people up!


I almost exploded with joy when I heard this! I had a VERY similar vision one day when I was meditating! I too saw a mass of people. It was an endless body of humans. Everyone had their arms up in the air, all holding  these beautifully coloured umbrellas! They were all cheering, and smiling. The energy felt really good! Then beams of light started shining down on random people in the crowd, and they started floating up into the sky… Laughing and smiling with excitement! People were transcending!


I know too in myself just like Gabrielle that I am hear to help shift human consciousness. I am hear to shine light on people, and help them see how important we are in this world. All we need to do is wake up, and see it for ourselves! From the silly mistakes humanity has made… The impact we have had on the environment… The wars… The government… Body image, sexuality, drug abuse, and poverty. It can all be shifted to benefit EVERYONE! This world is full of infinite abundance! There is no reason why anyone should be going without, or struggling so damn bad! With gratitude, belief, and with the spreading of love… We can end wars, we can feed people, we can live in absolute freedom!


I am so grateful that this year for the holidays I decided to get creative! I tapped into a part of me that had really been missing! Our second chakra is not only the master of our sexuality, but our creativity. I was feeling a bit stuck! The fire was starting to dwindle , and my inspiration was something I knew I had to work on. I WANTED to work on! Painting, and listening to really positive audio lit up my fire again! So bright I couldn’t sleep, so I sprung out of bed to write this, and share it with you.


So I ask you this now… What have you put on the back burner that makes you feel so good? What inspires you? Gets you excited?


Whatever it is… If you tap into it, it will fire up other parts of your life that you never dreamed of! I feel my confidence boosting, my creativity surging through me, and ideas rushing out of me… I am filled with possibility!


Open your eyes my sweet friends! What is lurking in the shadows of your insecurities, or your busy lifestyle? You are sitting on a gold mine of potentiality! There are things inside of you that will change the face of this world. Let them free!


Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick


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