The Food Hurdle

Hi my name is Erin Nicole Bick and I am a food addict.


The greatest hurdle in my life is my addiction to food. I have spoken about this in other articles briefly, but here I am going to go really deep. I am at a point in my life where things are becoming more clear. I am striving for bigger better results. I aspire to be an inspiration to others. I want to lead by example! I want to show up as the best version of myself.


I am about to embark on a journey that is not only based around losing weight. It is about connecting with myself on another level, a spiritual level.


I am realizing food is really becoming a barricade for me! It comes in waves. I will eat really well for the first half of the day, then when I have to do something important I procrastinate. I find myself hovering over the counter, not even sitting, and scarfing back food. I feel out of control, almost savage like. I just keep eating, even past the point of my stomach hurting. I do this time, and time again. I am a compulsive stress eater. I sneak eat. I pop things into my mouth while no one is looking. Late at night if my tummy grumbles I sneak down to the kitchen to grab a chunk of cheese. This has become quite painful for me emotionally. I love being active! I am very dedicated to exercise, and the minute I feel great in my body, I kibosh it! Talk about the ego holding on for dear life! I promise myself that once I finish this bag of chips I will be good. Once I clean out all the junk in the cupboards I will be good.


NO NO NO! That isn’t where it stops…EVER! It isn’t about hiding my eating from others! They could give two shits about what I eat. It is about being authentic with myself! It is about being good to this beautiful body I was blessed with, and stop treating it like a dumpster!


So I am putting my foot down. Today I started The Master Cleanse. In the past it worked really well for me. I lasted 8 days on the Lemon Drink. I faired well with cravings, mind control, and even had some weight loss. The reason I quit early was pretty silly though. I quit because there was a party coming up, and I wanted to drink. So I figured if I quit on Thursday, by Saturday I would have eaten a bit of solid food again, and I would be back on the train to get smashed. Boy did I get smashed. It wasn’t pretty. I ended up vomiting all over the side of someones deck. Playing some kind of hero, doing shots on a beautifully cleanses intestine.


So after a few years of maturing, and knowing what is important to me I am giving this thing another go. I have had a lot to consider this time! There are always birthdays to celebrate, a family thing, also a winter cottage weekend. I want to prove to myself that I have the will power to get past food, and alcohol controlling my life! I want to kick my ego out the door, and thank it for its lessons!


This cleanse is no joke. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, people who really go the mile, do it for 40 days. It consists of a daily salt flush, and drinking a lemony, cayenne drink all day long. That’s it! No food!


For me, what I would like to get out of this experience is will power. I want to be able to control my cravings! I want to know what it is like to work a full day without being interrupted by obsessive eating, and washing the dishes. I would be happy to lose a few pounds, but this is mainly about will power!  I am also considering becoming a Vegan after this. I am already a Gluten Free Vegetarian, so why not go the distance?!


I truly believe if I do this thing right, and clean out my system to this extent… I will be a new person on the other side! I mean this thing is going to pull toxins out of my cells, bones, blood, organs, muscles, you names it! This thing is going to clean house! Beyond detoxing, snd starting from scratch, I am truly ready for a spiritual awakening! They say fasting is the best way to connect with yourself, because your body isn’t digesting. SO your energy is more free to reach higher levels of consciousness!


Well then free me up Scotty! Lol…sorry.


I am dedicating the next 40 days to me! I am going to get my meditation groove on! I am going to rock my business, and treat my body like a temple! I am no longer going to be a servant to food. I am going to research the best, most balanced diet possible… And GUESS WHAT? I am going to share it all with you fine people! I am not talking some kind of diet that you feel like your missing out. I love cooking! I am passionate about making really yummy food! So trust me, this is going to be a balanced way of living. Diet is a yuk way to say it!


I feel as though I am being called to do something drastic! To really make a difference you have to step outside of your comfort zone…


So are we go!


Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick


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