Thank you for joining me!

I have so much to share with you about my journey down the road of Personal Development. I have been writing almost everyday for the past few years, and discovered there is nothing-greater then letting it all out on paper. Sometimes I find myself in a trance when I am writing, like I have been taken over by something much bigger then me. This is why I write to you…

I believe I am here on this earth to share my experiences, and inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. I want to help people eliminate blockages, and create the lives we all dream of. I want to share with you how I have started to live my life with purpose, how I embraced my intuition, and how I have found self-love.

Why Should You Be Interested In What I Have To Say?


Well…I have done my due diligence. My mother is a Hairstylist, so I was pretty much born, and raised in the hair salon in our home. I eventually became a Hairstylist myself. I have been working as a Professional Stylist for the past 11 years, and spent the past 8 working in a high-end salon here in Toronto. After many intimate conversations with people I consider myself a Sociologist/ Therapist, who was being underpaid.

I cannot tell you how many conversations I have heard women say terrible things about themselves. Even the most “beautiful” women! I got really good at genuinely finding peoples best features, and accentuating them! I really wanted to make people feel their best, and I have a knack for sharing that with them. Myself…well that’s been a work in progress.

Standing in front of that mirror in an industry that demands “perfection” started to kill me on the inside. I became pretty obsessed with how I looked. I became distracted in conversation. I was so self-conscious. I didn’t realize my true value, or really embrace my individuality. I struggled with binge eating, addiction, massive anxiety, jealousy, hair loss, and insomnia. I didn’t know that taking care of my mind, and choosing better thoughts would change my life so much! I would love to share with you how I have transformed my mind, my body, and my lifestyle.

So What The Heck Did I Do?


My first step happened about 2 years ago. A good friend of mine was going through the same things. She mentioned going on a month long spiritual yoga retreat in Guatemala. I didn’t know how I could swing it! First of all I was so self-conscious I was worried my guy would forget about me and move on, how could I be sober that long? How could I afford it?

This was the first big decision of many that I made just for me! This really empowered me! I knew if I could focus on me for a whole month…that this would change my life. I can still say, I get chills thinking about how I felt while I was there. Being in Guatemala taught me how to appreciate the small things, and how to be present. Having some sort of exercise, practicing yoga, and meditating really became a part of my daily routine after that.

I spent the next year soul searching, and wanting something deeper. On my 29th birthday I wrote in my journal that by the time I turned 30 my life would be going in the direction I really wanted it to! Soon after I decided to hop on board with a company in the Personal Development Industry. A few months ago I resigned as a Stylist, and I am now assisting people in changing their lives for good. Funny part is I just turned 30!

Every time I have made a decision using my intuition, and based on what I really want…I flourish! I want nothing more then to inspire, and learn alongside people everyday!

Thanks again for joining me, there will be much more to come.

Love within, love around.

Erin Nicole Bick

Join my team of vibrant professions: http://www.prosperityvoyager.com


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