In these videos I share with you the meals I prepared for my cottage adventures this summer. The idea was to really enjoy my weekend. To relax, and hardly have to do any cooking while I was away. Less dishes at the cottage, less fighting over the stove, and less naughty decisions!!! This truly helped me stay on track, and leave my weekend away still feeling great! It is all about creating a lifestyle. I choose to live a gluten free, vegetarian lifestyle. I am not a celiac, or a die hard veggie. I do recognize since taking charge in these aspects of my diet, that my digestion is much better. I feel much lighter, less bloated, and more agile. This is what works for my body. It may not work the same for others. I also am more able to notice since cleaning up my diet, how crappy food effects me. Like that box of glossiest I may have just eaten…I am human…and what is life without indulging? My guts don’t like me now, and my mouth tastes gross. Enjoy the videos…I am off to grab my toothbrush.

Thanks for watching! Please let me know what you think of this concept, and any ideas you have had yourself, about staying on track when you go away for the weekend.

Love within, love around.
Erin Nicole Bick

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